How Does Bullying Affect the Development of One’s Personality as Victim and Bully?

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Psychology Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: October 17, 2012
How does bullying affect the development of one’s personality as victim and bully? In my own experience and self analysis, I believe that the most affected personality traits of a bullying victim is the self esteem. People being bullied suffers lot’s of irony on their traits that bullies often use to attack them. Bullies often find an easy target on those people who seems weak and are not able to defend themselves. However there were bullying victims who are not passive, those who are also hot-tempered and often retalliate when a bully or bullies attack them resulting into fist fight and other form of physical confrontation. So aside from psychological torments, bullying may also lead to physical attack and or injury. As I mentioned, I was once a bullying victim, and the changes that I’ve seen to myself as I’ve remembered is that, there were times that I’m going through self agonizing moments of comparing myself to those people whom I’ve thought at that time would be a better me, if in case I have their characteristics and often thought that it will resolve my bullying problem. Unfortunately I’m also a kind of person who wants to keeps my problems to myself and don’t want to bother anyone in dealing with my problems. At some point I’ve become some kind of an antisocial person, wherein I only find refuge within myselft and I often distance myself to other people because I thought that they’ll just find something in me that is laughable and that they will humiliate me infront of others. Luckily, maturity starts kicking in, during late high school days, and to date, I can say that I’ve already managed to fully accept myself, and if ever people will bully me on my shortcomings and on my imperfections, it won’t matter anymore, thanks to people that have shown me that I’m worthy of simply being me. On the other hand, the bullies may have been suffering a greater effect or some sort of consequences/punishments for their act. I have once read that being a bully is one...
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