How does Arthur Miller create idea of tension

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What is the symbolic significance of Warings?
Warings is the house that Mr Hooper currently owns in the book I'm the King of the Castle. Warings is a very symbolic place and represents many different things. Some of these include: Hooper's power, Social Class and Isolation, all of these I will be mentioning. Warings represents Isolation a great deal in the book. This becomes apparent very early on in the book as it is described as "some distance from any other house." This shows the reader prematurely that Warings is cut off from the village and possibly shows that the Hoopers are not very sociable and do not want to be disturbed. The fact that the house is only accommodating five people in the book even though it is such a grand house also represents remoteness. Warings creates problems though for Kingshaw as he is secluded from his friends. He is asked if he wants to go on holiday with his friends but Helena Kingshaw refuses on his behalf and tells Charles that he needs to spent more time with his new companion, much to his discontent. Hooper's power is shown only to be apparent in Warings. He has complete control over Kingshaw when he is in the house but outside Warings, he loses his authority over Charles. For example when Charles runs away from Warings and Hooper follows him Kingshaw is seen to be more dominant that Hooper. However Kingshaw does not take advantage of this power due to him having a nice streak. Hooper has a nightmare and shouts out "Mummy,Mummy,Mummy." instead of taking advantage of this Charles comforts him and says " Come on, Hooper, its O.K" Kingshaw thinks that now Hooper's fears have been exposed things will be different but when the storm subsides it is apparent nothing has changed. Hooper's room in Warings was chosen by himself and is significant of his power. He choose a room at the top of the house so he can look over everyone in the house."The boy's room, high up at the back of the house, overlooked the copse. He had chosen...
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