How does Air Swept Coal Mill Operate Successfully?

Topics: Crusher, Coal dust Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Wind swept coal mill is used for grinding and drying of various hardness coal equipment, it is mainly composed of feeding device, main bearing, rotary part, transmission device, front-rear device, high voltage starting device and lubrication system.Widely used in cement building materials, thermal power, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, etc., the wind swept coal mill reasonable structure, high grinding efficiency, which is the ideal equipment of pulverized coal preparation.

The performance characteristics of air swept coal mill ( are in the following: The mill for the edge of the transmission, by the motor through reducer drive mill and size of gear pair.Grinding machine adopts wind sweep with drying storehouse type structure, make the mill on the moisture of raw coal has great adaptability, grinding chamber, in turn, use ladder lining board, double step plate, corrugated plate, such as modular arrangement layout, improve the grinding capacity of mill.Feeding device adopts inclined ventilation louver structure, enhance the heat transfer capacity of mill, can effectively prevent the phenomenon of coal mill imported plugging material.

The working principle of air swept coal mill are in the following: Raw coal by feeding equipment into mill feeding device, the temperature about 300 ℃ hot air through into the duct into the feeding device, also with special feed drying storehouse board will raise the raw coal, makes the raw coal in the intense heat and drying, drying after the coal through the feed plate isolation bin plate into the grinding storehouse.Grinding chamber is equipped with the grinding body (ball), coal pulverized coal in the warehouse was crushing, grinding into.In coal were shattered at the same time, by a dedicated fan of mill after discharging device will have crushed coal and gas out of the mill, the coarser particles will return after discharging device spiral to once again return to the grinding...
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