How Do I View My Fure in the Country

Topics: South Africa, Africa, Poverty Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: February 3, 2013
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Section A (extended writing)
How do you as a young South African view your future in this country? FATHIMAH JAJBHAY

Crime corruption, the poor state of education, poverty, and unemployment has made many South Africans despondent and dissatisfied with the Government of the country. Despite having achieved democracy some eighteen years ago, our country has not been able to overcome unemployment and poverty. Many people are living in informal settlements and there is no equality between the rich and poor. When I speak of the future, I see a very bleak South Africa. Let us look at some of the crises points of the country. The prices of essential daily items are escalating, thus causing the poor to get poorer. The price of petrol has risen to exorbitant prices. Our country has an agreement with other countries and oil is taxed and levied at exorbitant prices. The motorist and petrol station owners are most affected. The education system is weak, but I am receiving good education through Le-Amen. Fortunately, my parents chose to home school me. For many children, this may not be an option. However, South Africa boasts one of the best weathers in the world. Our landscapes and surrounding lands allow for much growth and vegetation. I am proud to be a South African. The brain drain has caused much problem for our Government and many skilled people are emigrating. I believe that I need to contribute to the economy of this country. I intend to study here in and giving back to the poor people. If I leave, I know I will be deprived of the sanity of a professional when I qualify. The crime and corruption is rife in South Africa, but it is prevalent in certain areas and by avoiding these areas, we could still stay relatively safe. My family can afford to stay in the safe areas of town and by not driving high-risk vehicles; we lessen the degree of highjacking. We are able to stay relatively safe. I believe that one should take...
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