How Do I Learn English

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How do I Learn English ?
My full name is Bagas Wiku Gunadi, I live in Indonesia and Indonesia is my native language, I am a student, I learned English very well , Why must I learn English?, I should find more reasons to force myself to learn english. 1. English is an Importance Languange

2. Get Access to Knowledge
3. Communicate with People
4. Looking for more Oppurtunities
5. English is Easy to Learn
English is not my primary language, Definitely I must learn English to speak, to listen, and to write. Although I have learned English for quite a long time, I had no intention to learn English three years ago, My mind would never change If something did not happen. I’m sure that my English is still not as good as I expected. I need to practice more and more to improve my English skills, that’s why I’m looking for more effective ways to help me improving English faster When I was in junior high school, I can’t speak english as well, I need someone to teach me for learning english, and then the teacher of my school teach me and another student about how to learn english, My teacher taught me how to speak, write, listen with english language correctly. but I never understood, when learning constantly, I can understand what my teacher taught. I heard that to get a job easily should be proficient in English, that’s why I choose vocational TKJ while in high school SMKN 3 Tangerang, in there I meet Mrs. Dedih Zahwa, he’s my english teacher, He taught me many things that I should understand the English language like a Simple Present Tences, Future Present Tences and etc, I will practice continuously to improve my English, is another ways to learn english ?, Yes, of course, There are many things that I can understand in learning English from 1. Internet

The Internet is your friend who always provide any information you need so I always use the internet to learn English for example read the story with the English language. 2. Playing Video...
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