How Do I Invest in My Future?

Topics: Time, Learning, Future Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: July 30, 2013
How Do I Invest In My Future?
I believe in personal responsibility. My actions today will influence my future, either positively or negatively. To invest in my future, I will need to invest in my personal development. The personal development will be in all areas of life. From developing myself, I make myself useful to the society and to the next generation.

As a student, to invest in my future, my investment in education is important. Focusing in school and getting good grades as well as developing in other learning fields is an investment to my future. Education is a tool towards ensuring a better future for me, as well as others because the skills and knowledge learned will be useful throughout one’s lifetime. I also invest in myself by being willing to learn more and keep on learning. I also invest in my future by having the right role models and learning from them.

I can invest in my future by being altruistic in my mode of conduct. No man is an island, the actions of others can potentially affect my future, by being careful and mindful of others, I can work towards enduring a good future for myself and others. For example, helping others can create a culture of altruistic attitude towards others and this can potentially help the futures of each individual.

I can also invest in my future by being conscious of the importance of time and time management. Time management is vital for any investment. Time is precious and the actions done in a 24 hr. time frame can affect a lot in the future. It means I engage myself in appropriate activities that are important to a secured and invested future at the appropriate time period. For example, to invest in my future, I must not use up all my time to watch television or being on social networks when I can use the same free time to study. I also would not read when I am supposed to be relaxing or exercising. It also means being at the right place at the right time.

I can invest in my future by being...
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