How Do E-Payments Differ from Traditional Payment?

Topics: Public transport, Fare, Hiccup Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Grand tour question:
How does e-payment differ from traditional payment? Does e-payment create new benefits and risks to businesses, if so, what are they?

Tutorial Brief (all BEFORE tutorial)
1. Snapper card has been promoted in NZ as a continent way to pay transit fares, as well as to make retail purchases. With the knowledge learned from chapter 10 and your own personal experience, briefly describe what sorts of problems would the card provider encounter in setting up the system, and what types of problems would the card holders encounter in using the cards, with examples.

Card Provider:
• There being difficulty in ensuring that each machine works properly at all times on each of the buses, there was a case in Auckland where a person had $97 charged to her account claiming she had been on the bus all day. • The speed in which it takes for each transaction with the snapper reader in relation to those in America i.e. New York, where they use cash and a card swiper rather than a reader which was twice as fast (that’s when the reader doesn’t have a hic cup). Being able to minimise these hiccups would be key in getting the public on the snapper band wagon, but atm with all the issues some people are finding it difficult to take a leap of faith with the snapper card.

Card Holder:
• An issue could be about the fact that we aren’t given much information about how the bus-fares work within the snapper system, so you never able to calculate whether or not you’ve been charged correctly. • Lack of security within the card is a huge issue as well, in that if you misplace your card someone could pick it up and go right to using the $50 you just deposited on the card. Almost everyone has experienced the moment where when swiping their card, it says “please try again” over and over again. Not only embarrassing but also an issue in its functionality, whereby this issue has caused me to just walk off the bus letting my fare...
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