How Do You Measure Success in Life

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Everyone measures it differently. Some measure it by how much money they make. Others measure it by their career path and corresponding title. Then you have the people who measure it by the things that they have such as the size of their house, their art and jewelry, and the number of cars that they own. Others measure it by the state of their health.

As children, many of us measured success by the friends we had. Were we in the "in-group" at that back table in the cafeteria, or were we outside looking in?

So I'll ask it again - how do you measure success? It's different for everyone.

As I sat down at my computer today to put together our newsletter, I decided to search on-line to see what articles I could come up with on this topic. So I did a search on the words "success articles" to see what other people have written about it.

You know what I got? Thousands of pages of success stories from health to business to website marketing to you name it. Page after page of advice on how to be successful at this and how to be successful at that.

Gave me quite a headache. It sure seems like everyone has an opinion on what I should be doing and how I should be doing it.

In my humble opinion, success cannot be measured in the material things that I have, nor can it be measured by my job title (and I have a lot of those). To me, success is an inside job. To be successful you must FEEL successful on the INSIDE.

You can have all the money, houses and status that you like, but if you do not FEEL successful on the inside, then you will feel like a hamster running on its wheel in a cage. You'll be chasing success all your life and will never achieve it.

Easy for me to say right?

Listen, I have been in your shoes and have been on the brink of despair many times. I have been in the eye of the storm more times that I care to count. I have lived through a dark childhood, I have seen negative numbers in my...
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