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Topics: Hawaii, Plant, Hawaiian Islands Pages: 3 (846 words) Published: February 16, 2014
Samuel Burke
English 111
Profile of Oahu

Imagine a place where the water’s clear, the sand is warm, and the wildlife is everywhere. That place is Hawaii. It’s one of the most beautiful and exotic places. But more specifically than Hawaii, we’re talking about Oahu. It is the third largest of all the islands but it is the most populated of them all. It also has the state capital, Honolulu. There is an abundance of beautiful plants and animals but there are also dangerous ones living among the people of Oahu as well. It’s a beautiful place but it needs to be respected and cautiously traveled.

There’s a good feeling about Oahu, even when the weather isn’t great or even when it’s winter. The weather is just about always warm and pleasant. When it rains it feels nice to sit around and enjoy the water droplets fall on the skin and roll off. Almost all of the beaches are crystal clear with warm sand, but beware when in the water. The ocean swells can go from playful three-foot waves to humongous twenty-foot monsters in just under five minutes. It makes for excellent relaxation or surfing. There are also many hidden dangers below the water even though it’s just about as clear and warm as bath water. Many times there are coral reefs that reside just below the surface in many areas. They can be very hazardous to even the most experienced surfer or swimmer; one small scrape can leave you cut quite deep.

Coral reefs, while dangerous, could be the least of your worries in Oahu if you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sharks are prevalent among the waters of Oahu and most of the rest of the Hawaiian Islands. There may be up to forty species living around the Islands but a few are more likely to come near the shores of Oahu. There are white and grey tipped reef sharks, tiger sharks, scalloped nosed hammerhead sharks, and the sandbar shark. Among these the tiger and white tip sharks are the most aggressive and account for most the attacks...
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