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Topics: Cattle, Milk, Dairy farming Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: July 11, 2013
In this ISP I will try and reveal how the Sires, new technology, economy, and work ethic have changed and produced the booming industry that there is today. To prove this tentative thesis I will map out when each of these factors commenced in the change and establish what one has had the greatest impact. I will then do this through old reports, articles, videos, and bull proofs. In doing this I hope to establish what one of many factors have impacted the most. The main points I will take into thought are

1)Sires; Goldwyn, Damion, Dundee, and all Goldwyn sons. I will analyze if the bulls that were most used in the dairy breed are in fact the ones that should have been. 2)Economy; when the states had the scare of mad cow disease they closed the boarder for trades of multimillion dollar cows between countries. I will inspect the crash this has had on the dairy industry and economy and see if we ever did in fact recover. 3)Technology; with all these new technology that has come out ( i.e. robotic milkers, robotic feeders, robotic cleaners) does do as well of job in helping our cows produce quality milk as a person doing the manual labor. 4)Work ethic; as generations have progress the willingness that humans show for work ethic has greatly decreased. I will examine if the un-motivation and cutting of corners has impacted peoples herds today.

The challenges that I will endeavor will be the word count restriction mainly because of my passion of the topic. I will also have to be tedious on the bias, and unprofessional articles that I will discover.
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