How do Will and Grace and Frasier present homosexual people in society?

Topics: Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Sexual orientation Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: November 18, 2013
Will and Grace and Frasier present homosexuals as different to stereotypical views of homosexual men. Tom in the Frasier episode and Will of Will and Grace aren’t portrayed as flamboyant, effeminate homosexual characters, but rather professionals; Will is a lawyer, Tom is the station manager. The way both the programmes present Homosexual’s in society is not derogative, it doesn’t make gay men appear to be effeminate with little intelligence – neither of the characters are portrayed with a stereotypical gay demeanour i.e. feminine speaking tone, effeminate in the way he conducts himself, they aren’t wearing stereotypical gay clothes, such as leather, which is used in programmes such as Little Britain, with the hyper-homosexuality of leather wearing Daffyd Thomas.

On the other hand, the programmes do present stereotypes of homosexual men in society. In Frasier, the stereotypes of Homosexuals aren’t actually homosexual, but Heterosexual. The episode of Frasier is based around the fact Frasier is mistaken as gay, much of it down to his demeanour (as well as his brothers Nile’s demeanour). Various things make Frasier appear to be gay; Frasier is effeminate, when Tom brings Chardonnay over (often seen as a female drink, as opposed to larger for men) he says “oh, my favourite”. Secondly, Frasier is confused why Tom thought he was gay, he then says “we talked about the theatre and men’s fashions”, only then does Frasier come to the realisation that these are stereotypical interests of a gay man. Furthermore, in Will and Grace, the policeman asks Will about a man he thinks is ‘a gay’, saying that the man “wears shorts, he’s always working out, he’s got really defined biceps, tight abs, rock hard thighs”, by doing so, the programme is presenting us with a stereotype of gay men – wearing tight shorts, always working out and most of all being obsessed with their personal image.

Despite the mostly pluralistic representations of Will and Tom in Frasier, who are both...
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