How Do We Become Human

Topics: Human, Person, Natural environment Pages: 3 (1243 words) Published: March 6, 2013
How do we become human? We can become human only, if we relate. There are many possibilities of relating (show a connection and formal relationship). And if we analyze the many different wants, we will find a number of dimensions or value centers, which are necessary in the process of becoming human. These interconnected dimensions can be called Anthropological constants, and they are listed as follows: 1) Relating with one’s body, nature and the cosmos- we have to care for ourselves and it includes care for our bodies. We have to relate in a more positive way with our bodies. Bodily self-care means befriending our bodies and respecting them, with all their assets as well as their imperfections. Being friends with our bodies includes the essentials of hygiene, exercise, nutrition, rest, sleep, and sensual comforts. We also need to re-create or modify nature, so that we can have a conducive environment in which to live. When we say this, we are not implying that we need to control nature or subdue it. Instead of using a domineering/dominating approach, we have to realize our partnership with nature and cosmos. The recent past and present have shown us the ugly effects of a dominating approach to nature. We need to create a human environment within nature, without making it very inhospitable to other forms of life. We need to become more aware that the human community exists in relationship with the community of nature, throughout the universe. 2) Relating with other persons- we possess gifts and talents in such a complex difference of degrees that each one of us is unique. We have to develop this uniqueness. We have to care for ourselves. We cannot love others, if we do not love ourselves. And yet we can only celebrates our uniqueness when we are with others. Also we can only become human, if we are related to others. A relationship with one significant other, a THOU, makes us want to become better or to transcend the person that we are. A person who treats...
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