How Do the Media Shape American Policy?

Topics: Government, Policy, Policy analysis Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: October 28, 2007
How do the media shape American policy?

The media can easily change opinions of the American public just by choosing what it tells them. This is because the media plays an important role in policy making in America.

Policy does not magically happen. There are many steps to policy making process. The media is deeply involved in each of these policy steps.

The media report things to the public daily, bringing issues to the forefront of the Americans conscious and to the conscious of Congress. This is crucial because when the media begins reporting on the issues of importance to Americans, people and policy makers tend to start listening.

When policy makers decided what to do about certain issue, the media role is very important since policy makers try to appeal to people through the media. Politicians tell them their ideas and the media reports it. The relationship between the Politicians and the media is crucial in this process because it is how politicians tell if their policies are being well accepted by the people of if they are ineffective.

What happens to a policy is greatly determined by what kind of media coverage it has generated. The media can help to get support or kill policies, since part of their job is critically scrutinize governmental affairs.

Without the media many people in this county would not even know what is happening most of the time. Is apparent that the media influence is strongest with sensational issues and weakest in governmental issues, but could prompt changes in public opinion, as citizens organize and pressure the government that could make public policy reforms. The media provides a view of government policies, and allows people to come to their own opinions.
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