How Do Televisions Influence People Behavior?

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Time Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: June 21, 2013
How do televisions influence people behavior?
Movies and television are very much part of our daily life and nowadays watching television ratio is too high between of children so it is necessarily affect on people behavior. Some people believe that watching movie or television isn’t influence people behavior on bad way. Although, I understand their point at view and I have a different opinion. I prefer to emphasize it is influence people with wrong ideas because of two reason. First, it makes people feel more sensible; secondly, they make us less active on our daily life.

First of all, it makes people feel more sensible. Therefore, most of women like to watch emotional movie and it is make them more emotional. They want to live that romantic events in their daily life with their lover but actually it isn’t realize so men can’t reply against to girl with doing romantic events in contrast, Consequently, people get divorce.

Second of all, television makes us less active on our daily life. Hence, when people begin to watching movie they can’t make time for their daily work so they can’t focus on real enjoy events like hang out with friends and going fun place that’s why people behave interesting to other people. In conclusion for the reason stated above, I encourage to everyone to watch less movie and television because of watching movies or television makes people busy and I believe it is waste of time also these two major reasons, First, it makes people feel more sensible. Second make us less active on daily life. Once your do this you will never regret.
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