How Do Movies or Television Influence People’s Behavior?

Topics: Television program, English-language films, Film Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: August 20, 2012
Watching movies or television has become a part of our everyday lives, especially when the genre of the movie I our favorite and the actor or actresses in the movie or television are our idols. Some of the viewers, especially the teenagers, sometimes are being influenced by the characters of the movie that they copy or imitate the lines or roles being portrayed in the movie. Sometimes this is a good thing but sometimes it is not. It is a good thing when the movie or a show in a television is about the reality or things that really happens now and teaches us a moral lesson. For example, a Filipino movie entitled “Anak.” It is a story about a child who became a rebel because she is seeking love from her mother. It is a movie that cannot only be related in reality but also shows a moral lesson to the viewers thus could influence their behaviors especially with their family. This kind of movie gives the viewers a chance to think about how lucky they are with their family or if they are in a situation just like in the movie, they could have a chance to look of what could happen if they do the same way as what the actor or actresses portray in the movie. A movie or television can be a bad influence to the people’s behavior when it shows a harsh, not suitable for their age concept. But of course it still depends upon the viewer if they will copy or imitate those types of movies. For example, I have a friend who is very fond in watching action movies that includes guns, killing people, or fist fighting. He sometimes acquire these behaviors in real life, but not the guns and killing people part, that he is being called in the office for a reason that he had a fight with his classmate. There is also a time when I was in his house and I always see that he wrestles with his siblings. Through these situations, I can see that movies had really influenced his behavior. As you can see from these examples, behaviors of the people depend on the type of movie or television show we...
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