How Do Men and Woman Communicate Differently in Relationships?

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How do men and woman communicate differently in relationships?

Monique Giresi

Professor Martin
Analytical Reading 81148

A. How To Stay Married
Anne Kingston
Magazine Article

B. He Said, She Said
Deborah Tannen
Magazine Article

A. The magazine article titled, “How to Stay Married,” begins with a story about a 68-year old woman named Cynthia. The article has a narrative style of writing in the beginning, however as one reads on, the style converts to expository. Anne Kingston, the author, begins to teach the reader by using examples of others and personal experiences to support her point.

B. The magazine article titled, “He Said, She Said,” is an expository piece of writing. Deborah Tannen, the author, is a professor of linguistics at Georgetown University, and the author or several books; proving that Tannen is very knowledgeable on this subject. Throughout the article there are many examples (such as pre-school children conversing) in which Tannen uses to as proof, to show that man are more interested in hierarchy, and woman are more interested in equality.

A. How To Stay Married
* Stability
1. “…better health, a rich shared history, the comfort of having someone who has your back, and personal and economic stability amid global uncertainty.” (p2) 2. Stability- To have a solid and strong balance or partnership. 3. Having my boyfriend by my side as a person to talk to when I was upset, gave me a great sense of the stability. * Amid

4. “…better health, a rich shared history, the comfort of having someone who has your back, and personal and economic stability amid global uncertainty.” (p2) 5. Amid- During a course of something.

6. I know that I’ll always have my family for support amid the stressful school year. * Rampant
7. “…sexual secrecy in marriage is rampant, from a woman buoyed by the memory…” (p4) 8. Rampant- Uncontrollable rage.
9. When sitting in class during a discussion, it is rampant that I respond my opinion. * Infidelity
10. “Not that Krasnow is advocating infidelity, though flirting is fine…” (p4) 11. Infidelity- Adultery; cheating on your spouse. 12. In my house, we don’t believe in divorce, nor do we believe in infidelity. Therefore, we get married at an older age so we are sure the man/woman is worth the marriage.

* Extramarital
13. “Unlike husbands, wives are driven to extramarital affairs...” (p4) 14. Extramarital-Having sexual intercourse with someone other than your spouse. 15. It is wrong in many religions for one to include themselves in extramarital affairs. -------------------------------------------------

B. He Said, She Said
* Innumerable
16. “…sheds a light on innumerable adult conversations – and frustrations.” (p3) 17. Innumerable- Incapable of being counted; countless. 18. Some art has innumerable opinions on its meaning. * Fathom

19. “…he did exactly what she requested and cannot fathom why she would keep talking about a problem…” (p3) 20. Fathom- To understand; discover the meaning of 21. Many people cannot fathom the reasoning of some criminal’s actions. * Commiserate

22. “in other words, “topping” each other can be another way to commiserate” (p4) 23. Commiserate- To feel or express sorrow or sympathy for. 24. Everyday my mother calls my aunt and asks how she is feeling. She doesn’t do this because she should, she does it to commiserate my aunt.

* Interplay
25. “How does this way of talking reflect the interplay of connection and hierarchy?” (p5) 26. Interplay- Circumstances, events,...

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