How Do College Students React to Sexual Freedom : a Study

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Birth control Pages: 10 (2734 words) Published: May 8, 2011
RUNNING HEAD: Research Proposal

Research Project Proposal
Peter Clarkson
Barton College

Table of Contents
PG. 3 – Lit Review
PG. 6 – Abstract
PG. 6 – Methodology
PG.7 – Results
PG. 9 – Discussion
PG.10 – Reference List
PG. 13 – Appendix A
PG. 15 – Appendix B

How do college students react to sexual freedom and are they practicing safe sex? Literature Review
The articles reviewed for the study covered the following topics: AID’s, sexual behavior of college students, heterosexual cohabitation of unmarried college students, dynamics of sexual behavior of college students, and the correlation between alcohol and risky sexual behavior among college students. Concern with AID’s and the Sexual Behavior of College Students discussed whether college students had knowledge of AID’s and how it spreads and sexual behavior among college students divided up in to categories such as religion, race, level of education of parents, and sex. The study concluded that “the students in this sample express widespread concern about AID’s” (Carroll, 1988). Furthermore, Heterosexual Cohabitation among Unmarried College Students was research conducted as “ an initial exploration of unmarried cohabitation as experienced by female students at Cornell University, and includes a description of the nature of the relationship, the reasons for involvement, and attendant problems and benefits” (Macklin, 1972).This research utilized a questionnaire with most questions being interpreted through a Likert scale. The research concluded that out of the 29 females who participated 23 of them were in relationships with the male they were living with for at least 13 months. Following that is the research named Sexual Knowledge of College Students in a Southern State: Relationship to Sexuality Education was conducted to show the knowledge of HIV/AID’s and STD sexuality education among students attending four Louisiana state universities. The research correlated the sexual education with race, sex, residence (whether they lived in the dorms or off campus), and if and when did they have sexual education during grade school. The research showed that females had more knowledge on the topic of contraception, Caucasian’s had more sexual knowledge than African American students, sexual knowledge increased with level of college, sexual knowledge was least in those with no sexual education, and it also showed that the sexual education was effective in increasing the students knowledge of contraception and sexual responsibility (Synovitz, Herbert, Kelley, & Gerald, 2002). The article titled The Dynamics of Sexual Behavior of College Students entails research, conducted with students at the University of Colorado, that showed physical attractiveness ratings of pictures and a questionnaire that measure the level and frequency of sexual activity of the subject. The findings of the research were that there were no changes in the sexual activity from semester to semester and showed the conclusion that there was an equal amount of sexual activity among both men and women (Katts, 1970). This is also connected to the research entitled Alcohol Use and Risky Behavior among College Students and Youth: Evaluating the Evidence was designed to “evaluate the empirical associations between alcohol use and risky sex at two levels of analysis” (Cooper, 2002). The research evaluated the majority of the young people (75% of the boys and 60% of the girls) have “had sex by the time they graduate high school, and the majority of those who have not will have their first sexual experience in college” (Cooper, 2002). In the article, Concern with AIDS and the Sexual Behavior of College Students, we learned that the AIDS epidemic caused concern and decline amongst college students. This is also incorporated with a research study done by the University of Colorado that states that about 72% of students thought that premarital coitus was...
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