How Do Bullies Behave?

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Psychological abuse Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Jalyn Robinson

How do bullies behave?
Bullies have numerous behavioral issues. They are shown and expressed in different ways. Physical behaviors that have been used to intimidate and embarrass others are the so-called “wedgy” and “ocean roar” (Witter). They abuse their victims by hurting them physically. Kicking, punching, pinching, or pushing may be used to hurt the victim (Ditter). Bullies aren’t just one offender’s. Bullying behavior seems stubbornly to persist. After embarrassing one victim they somehow feel empowered. The fear that they put into others encourages them to continue bullying. Aggressiveness has been found to be increasing in frequency among students at school, employees, and among young people (Cankaya). Verbal aggressiveness is used. Verbal aggressiveness is humiliating and cursing at others. Psychological aggressiveness is hate, holding grudges, and leaving others out. Bullies build up this hate towards their victims. This hate gives them more of a reason to continue their unacceptable behaviors. Bullying can be manifested from a grudge. Bullies also try to leave their victims out. They make them an out-cast, this can lower the victims confidence. They embarrass their victims verbally by questioning their masculinity. This usually happens with boys. Bullies intimidate with threats. Some bullies may not actually go through with their threats but the aggressive tone of voice & intimidating gestures will make the victim believe that they will. Harassment is an unwelcome behavior directed at a person in a protected class (“Hostile Enviroment”). Bullies continuously harass their victims. They annoy, intimidate, pick at, and try to find ways to hurt their victims. Bullies manipulate. Bullying is similar to the way animals behave. Dogs overwhelmed their playmates with overly assertive and inappropriate behaviors (Miller). Owners often have difficulty distinguishing between appropriate and inappropriate play. Some may think that it is...
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