How Divorces Affect the Development of Children

Topics: Divorce, Legal separation, Effect Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Divorce Affects the Development of Children

The separation of parents throughout the growth of a child effects their life in many ways, both negatively as well as positively. It entirely changes their living environment and even their perceptions when it comes to life.

First, typically with divorces there comes a financial strain on the family. With only half of the income taken in, it may be hard to provide the child with the way of life he was accustomed to. Financial strains cause unnecessary stress unto a person, the single parent would find himself spending more time dealing with the finances of his life than what he had spent on it before. The more time spent in the books, essentially leads to less time with the child.

When a child receives less attention than he once had gotten, he may feel a sense of abandonment. The feeling of being abandoned could possibly lead to two tragic results, with one of them being depression. The child has mass potential to become extremely introverted, which leads to a poor social life. Another road that could be taken is that the child could seek out attention in rebellion. They may act out in school and have troubles with the law when they increase in age.

Though, this all depends on how the child was treated before and after the divorce if it was changed at all. When providing the children with care, there is child-support required to be given by the breadwinner of the family (when they were originally together). This may cause legal issues as well as problems between the two separated parents. With so many foreign problems brought into the child’s life, it is hard for them to focus on what good is coming out of this.

As for the positives, there may not be any at all. Unless the divorce is taken care of flawlessly and there are no additional changes onto the child’s life, there is going to be some negative effect. When the child becomes of age to drive, he may feel obligated to spend his time equally between...
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