How Different People Deal with Loneliness

Topics: Judgment, Difference, Nudity Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: March 27, 2014
How people deal with their loneliness,differ; they have differents ways to overcome it. Some people don’t mind being lonely, but others can’t stand it. In the stories, “The Model” and Miss Brill” we can see the similarities and the differences in the way loneliness affected the main characters in lifestyle,desire,and feelings. At first sight, in their lifestyles, Miss Brill and Mr. Elihu are characters of the stories about loneliness and relationship problems. Having no particular friends to communicate with, no partners to spend time with and also no family members to whom they can confess some of the problems in their respective lives, both characters sorted happiness in different ways. Since Miss Brill doesn't really know anyone, she characterizes these people by the clothes they wear. like a spectator watching a novel play. Unlike Mr. Elihu, who tries to call over a nude model to “paint”, even though he is not a professional painter, his “love for the art is afterthought. He just wants her so he could see a woman’s body one more time. Second, Miss Brill and Mr Elihu in their desires, even with those old people in the bench disturbing Miss Brill, she just ignored them and kept watching other passers-by. On the other hand, she is in the same situation as the old couple on the bench, but she has different intentions because they were just relaxing and enjoying each other not thinking about people.This projection becomes more obvious when Miss Brill starts describing all the events, and even herself, as parts of a big play. The idea of a theatre, where she is an actress, and the audience as well, seems to calm her loneliness. Whereas with Mr. Elihu, the model begins to realize his motive and was offended by him just using her to stare. He then tries to excuse himself in front of her hoping that she will feel sorry for him. In addition, in their feelings, Miss Brill and Mr. Elihu are both judged, insulted, and rejected by the people. Miss Brill and Mr. Elihu have...
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