How Did I Get Here?

Topics: Takeover, Academic degree, President of the United States Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: September 21, 2009
After graduation, John Breckenridge got married with Karen, a girl who got her nursing degree the same year as he graduated with a degree in software engineering. John got a job with a new software company while Karen worked evenings as a nurse. Life was good for the Breckenridges. They were blessed with two kids. Karen reduced her nursing to the minimum hours required to maintain her license, and concentrated on rearing the kids. John on the other hand, was busy providing for the lifestyle they increasingly became used to. The company grew in leaps and bounds, and John was one of the main reason s it grew so fast. Work was fun. With Karen’s help at home, John got his master’s degree. The master’s degree brought him promotion this time as a vice president of technology. The promotion had required him to work out of the New York office. John’s new job brought with it money and recognition, as well as added responsibilities. Karen had everything a woman could want. The family lacked for no material need. Not all was well. In the New York corporate office things were different. All of the top brass except the president and john had Ivy League, money backgrounds. They resented him, rightly surmising that the only reason he had been promoted was because he was more like the president than they were, and he was being groomed as heir apparent. On November 2, 2004, John Breckenridge’s worlds began to unravel. The company he worked for, the one he had given so much of his life to build was acquired in a hostile takeover. The president who had been his friend and mentor was let go, and the backstabbing began in earnest. John found himself the odd man out of the office as the others jostled to build status in the new firm. Going to work now was a chore, and John had no friends like those he had left in Aspen. Karen was little help. John had spent nearly two decades married more to his job then his wife, and he found she was...
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