How Did You Personally Learn About Morality? Do You Think the Government Should Engage in the Moral Education of Young People Today?

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Hong Kong Pages: 5 (1473 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Topic 7B: How did you personally learn about morality? Do you think the government should engage in the moral education of young people today?

The decline of morality
Recently, there are more and more news talking about the immoral behavior done by teenagers in Hong Kong. Some of the girls are willing to involve in the compensation dating in order to receive more pocket money. There are also more students who have experienced the sex harassment from their teachers or their tutors. The Law Society of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University underwent a survey about “Concerns Ethical Standards and Prosocial Behavior of Young People” in 2011. The result reflects that over half of the teenagers agreed that the moral standard in Hong Kong is declining (Ploy U. & LSHK, 2011). 

Morality and its status
Morality is a socially embodied medium of understanding and negotiation over responsibility for things open to human care and effort. Morality is found in practices of responsibility that are not modular with respect to the rest of social life, and that are apt to reflect social differences, including gender, race, and class differences typical in human communities (Walker, 2008). Morality is normally regarded as the things people ought to do. It shows the good and bad, right and wrong, the values of one society. Morality is only a standard raised by the general public. It does not have the real power, like laws, to regulate the behavior of publics. As a result, people would not be caught or be punished even though they do not follow those rules. Since morality is just a general concept set up by the society, in another word, it does not have a unified definition and judgment, the meanings of morality would be changed time by time, place by place. For example, a man was allowed to take several women as his wife in the past China. It is no longer allowed in this century, however.

Morality takes an essential role in monitoring people in town from acting illegally. Nevertheless, Hong Kong is facing a serious trouble towards maintaining the moral standard along the teenage. 31.8% of Hong Kong younger thought that money can buy happiness and even 18.9% agreed that they would use up all the method to obtain wealth, no matter the method is legal or not or would hurt others (Poly U, et al., 2011) Their thought may easily shift teenagers to doing the inappropriate thing, like committing the compensation dating, selling drugs etc.

Promoting moral education
Facing the moral crisis, it is imperative for the Hong Kong government engage in the moral education of young people. The president of the LSHK Huen Wong believes that giving moral education is important to students. He thought that having outstanding performance in morality will also present legally (LSHK, 2011). Having moral education is one of the ideal ways to increase the moral standard among young people. Moral education helps to instill the concept of morality when the child is small. After receiving several years of the moral education, the concept of morality would help repeating in child’s mind while teaching. The concept would turn into a long-term memory and become familiar. With the understanding of the meaning of acting morally when they grow up, teenagers would easily perform legally and morally. This way of education is so called the “brainwashing”. That is why Japanese becomes the most discipline race, all her citizen have been receiving the brainwashing education when they are small. While children spend the longest time at school, school is the perfect environment to help to develop their consciousness of moral.

Form of moral education
The moral education in Hong Kong now focuses on five different areas: personal, family, social, national and international. The curriculum aims to develop students into all-rounded with moral and qualities. Although the content of the moral education is well developed, it is too theoretical....
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