How Did The World Change In Europe From 1450-1750

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Before 1500 CE, there were not as many ways and routes that one could take to communicate with other places. As soon as new connections were made, trade and communications difficulty decreased. For example, the Indian Ocean trade routes gave Europe the ability to reach “hard-to-get” areas and even connected them with the new world which in turn increased trade happening between the two regions. Over all, after 1500 CE, there were more routes and ways to be able to trade and communicate effectively. This also ended up connecting Europe and Asia which did all of the previously mentioned things and formed colonies.
Some technical developments that made transoceanic European travel and trade possible could be the astrolabe. The astrolabe was a...

Instead peasants were transferred into working in factories due to the increase of industrialization in this period. The factories proved to need more labor in them to produce a significant amount of goods. The demand for peasant workers was not as high as it used to be because of slave labor. As more people began to own slaves, they did not find much use for indentured servants anymore. Some freedom of the peasants was also being taken away.
In this period, the Atlantic slave trade “skyrocketed” because of the prices of the slaves. For the amount of work done by these slaves, the monetary price was low, which caused people to jump at the chance to get one. This meant a high demand for slaves. As plantations grew, the need for more slaves grew as well. This significantly affected the Atlantic slave trade.
The post-1450 economic order affected the social, economic, and political elites in multiple ways. The merchant class was benefited because trade was growing and they were the majority of the people involved in trading which helped that class. This also helped the upper class gain more wealth but in turn created much more of a divide between the upper and lower classes due to the lower classes not changing in...
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