How did the Tsar deal with unrest During 1905

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How did the Tsar deal with unrest during 1905?
Throughout 1905 there were many instances of unrest that the Tsar dealt with well in the sense that to a certain extent it was controlled. There were however many cases that the Tsar didn’t deal with well or in fact, deal with at all.

Nicholas’s failures during this period of revolution began with the Russia’s loss in the Russo-Japanese (lasting from 1904 – 1905) war. Russia’s defeat was hugely humiliating for the nation and many turned to blame the Tsar. It was the beginning of the exposure of Russia’s incompetent military and bureaucracy. This humiliating loss was almost a catalyst to the revolution, but this in mind, the immediate cause of the was the event of Bloody Sunday a peaceful march aiming to bring a petition to the Tsar resulting in the supposed deaths of around 1,000 people killed by the Cossack troops In a source it said “The soldiers fired all day long. the dead were counted in the hundreds, the wounded in the thousands.”1 This source however is probably inaccurate seeing as Trotsky wasn’t actually present in St Petersburg at the time. Bloody Sunday was a huge turning point in the relationship between the Tsar and his people “Bloody Sunday put an end to the myth of the Tsar-Batyushka…the loving father from whom nothing good could come.” 2 There is no apparent reason for this source not to be trusted, even though it was published 86 years after the events, it complies with the majority of sources (excluding sources that may appear biased) from the time. Bloody Sunday was the final act that broke that shattered the illusion that the Tsar was appointed as the leader by God as Marc Ferro said in the same piece “Bloody Sunday snapped the ‘sacred bond’ which had united people with their Tsar”3. Eventually the people began to revolt, there were acts of terrorism and strikes spreading rapidly all over Russia. In June there was mutiny aboard the battleship Potemkin, creating disturbances within the...
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