How did the Renaissance change man’s view of man?

Topics: Renaissance, Italy, Middle Ages, Leonardo da Vinci, Heliocentrism, Nicolaus Copernicus / Pages: 2 (495 words) / Published: Oct 16th, 2013
9/19/13 How did the Renaissance change man’s view of man? In the 1400’s the Middle Ages had ended and the began Renaissance. During the Middle Ages, the Church had authority over most people. During the time people had very few rights. The Renaissance was a big changed that acquired in Europe which lasted for 300 years. Man had stated to see a new type of art, literature, and science. I think man’s view on man changed due to three important parts of the Renaissance. The Renaissance was changed by art, literature, and science.

Man’s view of man was changed due to the new style of art. In document A it compared two different paintings from two different time period to compare the different types of style art styles. In source one the painting “Madonna Enthroned Between two Angles”, by Duccio di Buoninsegna (Doc A), was done in a religious matter of what the church had wanted. The second source was the “Mona Lisa”, by Leonardo Da Vinci (Doc A), which showed a new type of art style which showed landscapes and three-dimensional figures. Art changed man’s view of man by showing new types of styles and artistic freedom.

Man’s view of man changed during the Renaissance could be through literature. For example in source two, in the play Hamlet, William Shakespeare wrote “in apprehension how like a god!” (Doc B). During the Renaissance people were viewed as god/angel-like creatures or as works of art. People were now starting to think that they were beautiful people. In source one, in Every Man, the author wrote, “Ye [ man ] think sin in beginning full sweet” (Doc B). In the Middle Ages humans were considered to be sinners, and how we were created by god. People were becoming god himself from creations that sin. Literature changed man’s view of man by telling people they were beautiful and god-like.

During the Renaissance man’s view of man was changed through astronomy. In source two, Copernicus’s idea of , “Heliocentric Universe” (Doc C) challenged

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