How Did the Lives of Other Asian Americans (Non Japanese) Improve During Ww Ii?

Topics: World War II, United States, Asian American Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: November 7, 2005
1.How did the lives of other Asian Americans (non Japanese) improve during WW II?

Filipinos- During World War II, Philippines was taken by Japanese Army. Filipinos in America worried about their home land, Philippines. They wanted to join U.S, Armed Force to get back Philippines to fight for the liberation of their home land. According to page 359, chapter 10, "On February 19, 1942, Secretary of War Henry Stimson announced the organization of the First Filipino Infantry Regiment: this new unit is formed in recognition of the intense loyalty and patriotism of those Filipinos who are now residing in the United State." Filipinos were allowed to join U.S Armed Force by U.S Government. Because of this new policy, Filipinos who were members of U.S Armed Forces were allowed to be U.S citizens after WW II. They obtained a new image from American. And also, Filipinos could buy small farms from Japanese, they got more opportunities to be employed. It was very helpful for them to live in America.

Koreans- After World War II, Koreans got opportunities to obtain the farms which were from Japanese. But Koreans were treated as Japanese by American. Whites stoned Koreans with rock, the reason was that Koreans had the same eyes as Japanese. It was still painful confusion during WW II.

Asian Indian- After WWII, Congress permitted India to have small immigration quota and granted Asian Indian naturalization rights. The most importance to grant Asian Indian naturalization rights was that Asian Indian could purchase Citizenship of U.S., and Asian Indian could own farms. According to "California's alien land," alien indigible to citizenship ere not even allowed to lease agricultural land nor to acquire agricultural land under the names of native-burn or stock in any corporation owing real property. Asian Indian could therefore purchase farms easier than before.

Chinese- According to page 375, chapter 10,"they have gone in the army and navy, into shipbuilding and aircraft...
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