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How Did the Internet Affect My Privacy

By nataliatellez Apr 22, 2013 290 Words
Elizabeth. Loachamin
06 February 2013

Movies are one of my favorite hobbies.
​ Each film has its own beauty and meaning, it’s really hard for me to pick one to be the movie that I enjoy the most. However, according to some films I have recently watched, ‘the pursuit of happiness’ which has great influence on me, the beauty of a relationship between father and his son is what interest me the most. ‘The pursuit of happiness’ tell us the story of a father and his son after a failed investment, the father that plays on the movie was actor, is Will Smith loses everything his wife, his house, and his money. The only thing that helps the man keep on living is his son. The whole movie describes the bad days of his life when he had no money, no place to live, not even a place to sleep; the father and son had to sleep in a public rest room. I really like the way the main character protects his son, the way he fights against fate and the way he tries to attain the life he once had. Thanks to the directors that make these types of movies and show so much passion and drama on movies like ‘the pursuit of happiness’. Will Smith is famous for action films but this time, he shows the audience a new appearance. I actually can see such a wonderful movie about the relationship between father and son like this. It is a bit embarrassing to admitted but I cried watching this movie it was very emotional for me, If you are the type of people who like movies about family, you should not miss this movie ‘the pursuit of happiness’

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