How did Romans keep their army clean?

Topics: Hygiene, Water pollution, Toilet Pages: 1 (505 words) Published: October 31, 2014

4152900781050How did the Romans keep the Army and Cities clean? -476252652395One of the ways the Romans kept clean was by creating public baths. The public baths meant that even the poor, who would not have baths in their homes, could clean themselves for a fee of one sixteenth of a denarius. They washed in the baths every day also went into hot showers which killed all the dead skin. They then covered their bodies in oil to loosen the dirt and then scraped the oil off. This also meant that they could clean themselves at least once a week. The disadvantages to public baths are that the water was not cleaned as often as it should have. This then meant that it was easier for people to get ill, however people would be more hygienic even with the chance of getting ill.One other way the Romans kept clean and healthy was by creating Aqueducts which delivered water to all the people in the towns. Before Aqueducts the Romans collected water from local streams which could have been polluted or a well. They also collected rain water in places called Cisterns. The introduction of Aqueducts meant that people would not have polluted water that was closer to their homes. However the disadvantages of Aqueducts are that the towns soon depend on that water source. 3133725184785 Another way the Romans kept clean was by creating sewers for all the sewage to go through. They built public toilets and a system of sewage pipes to carry sewage out of the streets and dump it into the river. This was a big improvement to the Greek sewage system, where people just poured their waste into the street however they wanted. The advantages of this sewage system was that there was less of a chance for people to catch something as the faeces did not stay in the same place and attracted pests. The disadvantage to the sewers were that the sewage would stay stuck in the pipes as they were not cleaned.The Romans had communal toilet spaces, sometimes shared by 30 people. The public toilets were a...
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