How Did Relations Change Between 1945 and 1963?

Topics: Cold War, Soviet Union, Eastern Bloc Pages: 2 (901 words) Published: October 29, 2008
Between the years 1945 and 1963 the relationships between USSR, USA and Britain noticeably changed. This was mainly because the leaders of each country started to argue about what they wanted, this led to many conflicts. In February 1945, it had become clear that Germany were losing the European War, so the allied leaders met at Yalta to decide what would happen to Europe after Germany’s defeat. The Yalta conference went well. Despite the big three- Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill- having their differences, they also settled on some significant matters. They had agreed that Germany would be divided into four zones these consisted of: American, French, British and Soviet. As Berlin was deep in the Soviet Union it was also agreed that Berlin would be divided into four zones. Another matter they had agreed on was that the big three would hunt down and punish war criminals responsible for the Nazi concentration camps. The Big Three also all agreed to join the United Nations Organisation which would aim to keep peace after the war. The only disagreement the big three had whilst at the Yalta conference was about Poland. Stalin had wanted the border of the USSR to move into Poland. Stalin then argued that, in turn, Poland could move its border into Germany. Churchill and Roosevelt both did not agree with Stalin’s plan, but both eventually accepted it so long as the USSR agreed not to interfere with Greece as the British were attempting to prevent communists taking over. Stalin agreed to this and showed that although sometimes they did not agree, they were able to negotiate with each other. The agreements at Yalta showed that The Big Three has a stable relationship and were able to get on with each other. By 1947 a lot had changed. The USA and USSR’s relationship was vastly changing. There had been threatening talk of the two sides starting a war on one another, but nothing had happened so far. The Berlin Blockade played a huge role in relations changing. This was...
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