How Did Native Americans Develop Their Culture
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Indians lived in different way and had different cultures that depended on the climate and their surroundings however the way of life of Native American was based on cooperation to keep their society together their spiritual beliefs were quite different from these of the new settlers on the Great Plains. (BBB1) The native American were not one people but many tribes the most famous tribes were the ache ;Sioux ;black feet and Cheyenne each one led by its own council of elders their government was based on principles that the new comers had difficulty in understanding for example a native American chief land had no power over his people although he did have great respect from them based on his bravery in war and the only policy in native American society were warriors called dog soldiers who selected and broke camp stooped buffalo being scared away and controlled the hunt also native American tribes did not need strict laws because the branch environment forced them to work together and most tribes had few laws the are many tribe of native American for example Hopi lived in the low flat desert and high plateaus of the dry southwest grew bears squash and maize built large pueblo homes with many rooms other tribe called Kwakiutl they lived near the pacific coast built …show more content…
climate in native American has different weather patterns. In the winter it is very cold, creating snow and rain. In the summer it is very warm, which is perfect for farming crops. . (History of Native American

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