How Did Homer Cummings Build Alcatraz

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Alcatraz Essay

There was prohibition in the USA because, it was to reduce drinking and eliminate all the businesses that sold liquor. This lead to having illegal liquor businesses there were more businesses with liquor after the law was passed before the law. Then, this person called Homer C. Cummings was fighting of crime every day and came up with an idea to stop the gangsters like Al Capone. He was going to build a building in a little island in the bay of San Francisco. It was going to be called Alcatraz. Alcatraz was a huge success it opened it’s doors in 1934 it closed just 29 years after in 1963. Alcatraz was a super-prison for super-prisoners the prison was outside of the human world it was like another life for people living there. Alcatraz was different from other prisons because, it was a prison holded that had the most super-prisoners . This prison was necessary because, people were fighting of a lot of of crime wave that season. Then, Homer C. Cummings came up with the idea to build Alcatraz and lock bad prisoners and keep them away from the real world. The prisoners
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They closed the super-max prison because, people were afraid prisoners could escape after the incident that had happened with the Anglin brothers. They also thought to prisoners would escape was because, the building was in a very bad shape. With the damage over the years of Alcatraz the prison was too expensive to reconstruct that’s why the building did close eventually and prisoners were sent to other prisons.
Alcatraz did have to close but, we still remember the building that held super-prisoners and became very successful. It ran through 1934-1963 the prison was created for the bad gangsters. The prison is now a national park and is for tourism. So, if you are by or in San Francisco you should go visit the

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