How Culture influences Literature

Topics: Writing, Literature, Protestant Reformation Pages: 5 (1419 words) Published: September 25, 2014
Culture is a term that can be described in several unique ways. Authors, such as Boccaccio, described culture through his writings and way of literature. Literature is a part of culture that has developed over centuries of authors and writings. Many aspects can affect literature and change the development of it. Some of these influencing factors are the development of technology, religion, and philosophy. All three of these are major advances in literature and influenced lives then, and continue to influence our lives even today. Literature is always changing, and will never stop. Literature is the key source for information and communication in the world; without it civilization would fall apart and cease to exist. Some say culture and literature go hand-in-hand, however, literature can be the prime example of what defines culture. Technology has changed exponentially over the past centuries, and because of that change literature has followed in due course. One major aspect that affected Renaissance literature was the development of technology. Technology had quite a few influences upon it by different cultures, two of those cultures were European and Asian. Thus, technology had a huge impact on Renaissance literature by giving advancements and setting forth new ideas. Technology really set off in Italy during the Renaissance, and created productivity that was never seen before. The two main factors involving technology that changed the ways of literature were the printing press and the new paper content. The Printing press was a machine that automatically printed out writings that had already been written. This was a tremendous breakthrough as it replaced copyists. A copyist is a person who spent all their time rewriting a book word for word. Copyists were not only time consuming and expensive, they were also known to make errors. Another problem with the copyist system is people couldn’t always read the copier's handwriting. The Printing Press eliminated these problems by not relying on human intellectuality that led to errors, and instead allowing technology to do the work. “The new invention gained wide popularity because printed books were not only cheaper than manuscripts, but also less prone to copyists’ errors” (Invention, Technology, and Medicine: The Renaissance). Another invention during the Renaissance that gained popularity was the new plant fiber paper. This new method of paper was much more inexpensive than the common rag-cotton paper mixture. This technique would not be perfected until the late 1800’s but it still slowly started to replace the rag-cotton fiber papers. The new paper also allows the ability to have illustrations. These new illustrations could help make books easier to read, more entertaining, and easier guides to follow for medical uses. Among having illustrations and costing less, this new paper is much easier and quicker to make than the old rag-cotton paper. The new plant-fiber paper became popular and began to spread throughout Europe. The Renaissance was not only affected by the advancement of technology, but also by the new writing styles and ideas expressed through religion.

Long ago, even before the Renaissance, all writing and stories were strictly religious. This was mainly due to the fact that only religious persons were literate. Those who did write were only writing for their religion, such as translations or stories passed down. These religious persons were not aware of the idea of writing about things that interested them, but instead writing for their church. Those who were not of religious persons, but did happen to be literate, would write similar to the religious stories and would reference the Bible. The Bible is the number one most translated and most popular book of all time. The Bible has given so much inspiration to Renaissance writers and artists. Religious books played an important part of literature and the Bible basically started literature. The Bible has...
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