how counter-terrorism plans are developed, the methodologies used, what participants need to be included, and impediments/roadblocks to planning.

“ for decades the threat of terrorism and actual terrorist incidents inside the united states- in most cases, by home grown perpetrators- were treated like potential and actual crimes” (Nacos, B.L. 2012, pg.238). With a lack of proper means to correctly identify terrorism and the repercussions that followed, the FBI and local law enforcement were in charge of handling prevention and investigation. The magnitude of terrorism quickly proved too much for these agencies and emergency responders to handle. Lack of communication between agencies proved to be detrimental. The need for more protection, quicker response times and strategy called for the birth of a new branch. Soon after was the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security.

“ The new department brought together, under one umbrella, twenty-two entities that had be either independent or part of larger departments and agencies”. ”Its four major directorates, each headed by an undersecretary, united a multitude of agencies under one roof; the boarder and transportation security directorate, the emergency preparedness and response directorate, the science and technology directorate, the information analysis and infrastructure protection directorate” (Nacos, B.L. 2012, pg.239). Finally there was some order to the mayhem; there was a steady and positive flow of information between agencies. No longer was there a lack of communication, there was finally a chain of command and appropriate actions could be taken, decisions could be made and the lives of millions could be properly protected.

In 2007 “National Strategy for Homeland Security” was finally defined. During fiscal year 2008-2013, DHS devoted three of the five explicit goal categories to prevent terrorism. Goal 1. “protect our nation from dangerous people” Goal 2.” Protect our nation from dangerous goods” Goal 3. “Protect critical infrastructure” Goal 4.” Strengthen our nation’s preparedness and emergency response capabilities” Goal 5....
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