How Could You?

Topics: Macbeth, Malcolm III of Scotland, Tragic hero Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Act 1 Study Guide
1. What do the witches in Scene 1 inform the readers?
2. In Scene 2, what does Duncan order Ross to do?
3. In Scene 3, why does Shakespeare most likely have the witches speak in rhyme instead of blank verse? 4. How does Macbeth show his ambition and curiosity about becoming king in Scene 3? 5. Duncan says to Macbeth, “Would thou hadst less deserved,” in Scene 4, line 18. What does he mean by this? 6. How does Lady Macbeth know that Duncan is coming to her castle? 7. What does Lady Macbeth’s greeting in Scene 5, lines 51-55 show about her feelings towards Macbeth’s position? 8. Why is Duncan’s reference to Lady Macbeth as a “noble hostess” in Scene 6, line 24 of this tragedy an example of dramatic irony? 9. What do both the summary of Scene 7 and the sidenote for lines 1-10 of this drama tell you? 10. What do Macbeth and his wife do to make sure that Duncan’s guards are blamed for his death? 11. What are two similarities and two differences between Macbeth’s and Banquo’s reactions to their prophesies? Use two details from Scene 3 to support each similarity and difference 12. What three reasons does Macbeth list in Scene 7 to argue against murdering Duncan? 13. What private thoughts does Macbeth reveal in his asides in Scene 3, lines 143-147 of this tragedy?

Act 2 Study Guide

1. Why is Banquo awake so late at night in Scene 1?
2. What does the sidenote for Scene 1, lines 24-28 of this drama help you understand about Banquo? 3. What does Lady Macbeth say stopped her from killing Duncan? 4. Why does Macbeth most likely bring the bloody daggers to Lady Macbeth? 5. Who is the Porter pretending to let into “hell”?

6. Why does Shakespeare most likely has Macduff compare the murdered Duncan to a Gorgon? 7. In Scene 3, why does Macduff refuse to tell Lady Macbeth what has happened? 8. When Banquo says he will oppose and fight the unknown traitor who killed Duncan...
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