How could Boots use relationship marketing?

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How could Boots use relationship marketing?

In this report I will be talking about how Boots could use relationship marketing in the concept of the 7 P’s, the ladder of customer loyalty and total product concept. The 7 P’s helps the business to create an effective marketing mix which brings profits for the business. The 7 P’s include: people, place, price, process, physical environment, promotion and product. Boots could use ‘people’ as a way to build relationships by having polite and helpful staff working in their company; when customers come to the shop they expect the employees to be nice and knowledgeable in order to recommend the best product for each customer, this would build relationships with a customer because they would enjoy the experience and come back again to use their service which means more profit for the company; also the customer might tell their friends how much an employee knew about the products and how helpful they was which would bring potential customers to the business. For example Boots having an employee that knows how to contour would be helpful for a customer since the employee could recommend how to do it and what products to use. Another way Boots could use relationship marketing is by process, the layout of the shop should be simple and the products should be easy to find, this would build relationship with customers because when they come to the shop and everything is easy to find they would enjoy their shopping experience more which means they would come back in the future, furthermore products that are similar to each other could be placed near each other because it would make shopping quicker for the customer, for example foot scrubs shouldn’t be placed next to foundation since they got no link to each other. By having a comfortable and nice physical environment the Boots could develop a relationship with their customers because if the customer feels happy, comfortable and finds the shop nice they would like to come...
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