How Computers Change The Way We Think Analysis

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Cognition Pages: 4 (922 words) Published: March 18, 2018

How Computers Change the Way We Think
Sherry Turkle is a clinical psychologist who writes about the way technology has changed our way of thinking. Turkle said we have to ask whether current technology is leading us in directions that serve our human purposes (327). She is the author of several books that deal with how technology helped to make us expect more from computers and less from each other. Turkle pointed out that the tools we use to think, change the ways in which we they think. The computer has had a huge impact over the habits of our mind.
When Turkle joined the faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, calculators were replacing slide rules. When students used the slide rule they had to insert decimal points manually,...

Even the youngest children in elementary schools use e-mail, word processing, and power point to name a few. Turkle writes how “Our children are accustomed to electronic surveillance and have lost some of their privacy. Some do not understand that is a democracy privacy if a right, not a privilege” (Turkle 327). Today’s children are used to electronic surveillance, but may give personal information on the Internet and should be educated on privacy. The online world with drugs, crime, and terrorism is not a safe place. She expresses concerns whether these changes are good or bad and will serve our human...

It is doubtful that I could do without any of these such as my cell phone, computer and internet to name a few for even a short period of time; nor would I want to. I use my laptop every day for class and I am always researching information. There is a wealth of information on just about everything one needs to know. Communication has been made easier now. We can video chat with anyone in the world. Television, refrigerators, microwaves, vacuums and dishwashers have made life so much easier. I enjoy playing video games with my friends and yes sometimes it makes me lazy, but it is very relaxing. Although sometimes I will not get some work done that I should have because I have become engrossed with the game. The internet allows us to buy and return items online without having to go to a store. The internet is good for advertising in business and the fastest way to get information out...
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