How Computers Affected People’s Daily Life

How computers affected people’s daıly lıfe
People are affected by many inventions. These inventions many bring slight changes our life. However, Humanity is affected extensively by three inventions: invention of devices, invention of machine, and invention of computer. How can people be affected in their daily life by computers? Computer has affected our lives in three ways.

The computer changed our communication habits. Now, when people want to communicate each other, they can chat on the internet. Before computer, we used to use phones or letters. These ways are slow or restrict but chat put away these problem. People can chat their friends or relatives. Moreover, people can chat with people on new blogs even if they don’t know each other. Furthermore they can communicate with many people in day by this way and their communication skills are affected as well. Due to computerized communication texting has changed. For example; people make small sentences or use new short words or they may change the use of punctuation Marks. Thus, a new text language is created. Instead of using the keyboard when communicating with someone special, they can prefer Skype. Thanks to Skype, they can speak and see each other at the same time even if the distance between them is very big. To illustrate one person in South America and other person in Turkey can communicate each other on Skype. Another factor that changed our communication is through social network sites. People can share what they want, what they do or where they go in day on these sites and their friends can reach this specific information. Moreover, people like share or comments of each other even if they don’t write or speak.

The computer changed our entertainment life. Before the invention of computer, children played traditional games based on motion but now children prefer playing computer games based on motionless. Moreover, children play online games so

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