How Computers Affect Myself and My Family

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How Computers Affected My Family and I

How the computer has affected both me and my family. I have previously been introduced to the basic functions of a computer prior to this course however, I did not know how to use or function many of the common programs such as excel, power point etc.. After looking at how computers play a major role in our everyday lives you see how far technology has come with each generation. Advances in technology such as computers had both advantages and disadvantages that come with them.

Both me and my family use a computer on a daily basis at work, paying bills, online shopping, research, online banking, and communicating with other friends and family and much more. When taking a look at my parents who are 50 years old it takes them longer in order to function around a computer in doing a task which may only take me a few seconds. I think the main reason is because when they were growing up they did not have the resources and advances like our younger generation has.

However, when taking a look at myself I spent most of my time on a computer. My job as a pharmacy technician I use a computer on a daily basis in order to track peoples medications, interactions, filling and entering prescriptions and much more. I also use a computer when I get home in order to do schoolwork such as this course not only because it is a computer class but because it is online. The computer has made it easier for me to work full time and still be able to take courses in order to achieve my degree.

Both me and my family do many other daily activities on a computer such as paying most or all of our bills online, we check on balances, or check when the payments were received. Also we check our savings and checking accounts. This is a great feature because we get away from talking to machines and being put on hold. No more driving out in the cold or in traffic to see if we have enough money to cover your checks. Now we are even able to...
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