How Companies Use Their Website to Gain and Sustain Competitive Advantage

Topics: Strategic management, Outsourcing, Recession, Corporation, Globalization, Customer / Pages: 16 (3867 words) / Published: Mar 20th, 2011
Long Island University | E-Commerce Project | How Companies Use Their Website to Gain and Sustain Competitive Advantage | Course:MBA 620-001Instructor:Dr. Shailendra C. Jain Palvia | Li, YiLiao, JiaxingLin, FangyunLuo, Kaikai | 12/1/2009 |


1. Background
Electrical commerce, commonly abbreviated to e-commerce, generally consists of the developing, marketing, selling, delivering, servicing, and paying for products and services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. With widespread Internet usage, the amount of U.S. e-commerce growth has dramatically increased in last decade. In today’s competitive jungle, providers of any kind and consumers with any need are utilizing the growing omnipresence of the Internet to improve their utility.

2. Companies for research 1. IBM Global Services 2. Accenture 3. Capgemini
All these three companies are the leading consulting and outsourcing services companies. For more specific, IBM Global Services is the largest information services company in the world. According to its financial report, IBM Global Services has more than twice the revenue of its close competitors such as Accenture and Capgemini. Although IBM Global Services has such strong leadership performance in the market, it still faces intense competition from Accenture and Capgemini.
Our goal is to analyze the superiors and inferiors of these three companies, based on the studies and observations of the features and characteristics of their websites.
A professional website is essential to business since millions of people are surfing internet each day. It allows them to provide customers with information of their products and services. A quality website can even improve customer interaction with your business.
A good website can effectively benefit your business by attracting and sustaining customers and competitive advantages. Therefore, we apply 2 major models of business performance

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