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How Civilised Were the Romans

By friday13thkid Nov 09, 2008 922 Words
The Romans were a large race that came from Italy 2000 years ago. They conquered many countries and were one of the most advanced races in human history. There is much proof left behind by the Romans, which suggest that they were very civilised. For example their; technology, architecture, law making and government. There are many features of a civilised society that are the same as those of the Roman society. A civilised society consists of being at an advanced stage in many things such as architecture and technology. It should also have a good system of social development.

Roman technology is the set of artefacts, structures and customs, which supported Roman civilization and made the expansion of Roman commerce and Roman military possible over nearly a thousand years. The Roman Empire created many tools, either to go to war with or to help the citizens with every day life. They used medical tools to help a woman give birth; war gear to protect them in battle; siege towers and advanced sailing ships. This proved very effective, as they conquered nation after nation and kept their citizens protected and healthy. Their architecture showed great levels of skill. They built beautifully crafted and well-refined buildings for lots of different things. For example, the Baths were a place for relaxation and social interaction. There was even a heating system used to provide warmth and relaxation. They also used their architecture for religious reasons. The Romans were very religious people and prayed to their God’s constantly for their guidance and help. For this they built their God’s temples. They sculpted and made everything themselves so that their Gods would be proud. There were also buildings for entertainment, like the Coliseum and the Theatre. The Coliseum was one of the Romans biggest achievements. It was 157 feet, built tier by tier and could hold up to 87,000 spectators and was water tight so that the Romans could re-enact sea battles that they had won. The Romans treated their citizens with Chariot races, plays and much more. The Romans were also the first to introduce the idea of roads. They primarily built roads for military reasons. This allowed their armies to be deployed into other nations rapidly. The roads were all over Europe, all connecting and leading back to Rome. The roads were resistant to floods and other natural hazards. The technology used to build roads 2000 years ago in Roman times is still used today. Lots of ideas used today have been taken from the Romans and developed. All these technological triumphs proved the Romans were very civilised because of their advancements in their technology. As we have Government today, the Romans too used one to govern their people and keep everything in order. Rome used to be ruled by Kings but the last king was too full of himself and was overthrown. From then on in, Rome became a Republic. There were two men in charge of the Roman republic, called consuls. They were in charge of the army and had the authority to start a war, increase taxes, or make changes in the law. The consuls got advise from the senate and usually heeded their advice. The Roman government was set up so as people from all over Rome could come together, sharing information and discussing the issues facing them. Any changes made were always for the benefit of Rome as a whole. The government also dealt with law making. The senate would decide upon the major issues and make laws upon them, so as Rome could be a place where everyone lived in harmony and could lead normal lives. They tried to conquer the whole world and make it theirs, which proves the Romans to be very greedy and harsh. In most countries they invaded, they greatly oppressed the people living there, having to slaughter many of them just to keep the country a part of the Empire. They were intolerant to most enemies or strangers. They would abuse the poor Roman citizens as well as the people that were part of their empire. The Romans were very cruel to those of a different race, faith or who argued with them. These people would be punished and made to pay for what the Romans thought they had done wrong. Whether this was saying bad of their gods, insulting or abusing them or arguing with a law that the Romans had forced upon them.

In conclusion, using the evidence that has been given, it is thought that the Romans were neither civilised nor brutal, but a mixture of the two. Some Romans would live normal lives, getting on with their jobs whether it be an architect designing the layout for the Baths or whether their job was in the Roman government trying to make Rome a better place. Whilst there were those who joined the army to slaughter and kill enemies of the Roman Empire or those who would buy gladiators to train them to fight for entertainment, (with most of them getting killed). Not all Romans would have been considered cruel. Many would have nothing to do with cruelty, intolerance or slavery. There were those in Rome who could not even afford slaves and so would not treat another human being in a harsh way like slave masters. So it cannot be decided that the Romans were truly brutal or truly civilised. The Romans could only be thought of as a mixture of people. Good and bad.

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