How Civilised Were the Romans

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Republic Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: November 9, 2008
The Romans were a large race that came from Italy 2000 years ago. They conquered many countries and were one of the most advanced races in human history. There is much proof left behind by the Romans, which suggest that they were very civilised. For example their; technology, architecture, law making and government. There are many features of a civilised society that are the same as those of the Roman society. A civilised society consists of being at an advanced stage in many things such as architecture and technology. It should also have a good system of social development.

Roman technology is the set of artefacts, structures and customs, which supported Roman civilization and made the expansion of Roman commerce and Roman military possible over nearly a thousand years. The Roman Empire created many tools, either to go to war with or to help the citizens with every day life. They used medical tools to help a woman give birth; war gear to protect them in battle; siege towers and advanced sailing ships. This proved very effective, as they conquered nation after nation and kept their citizens protected and healthy. Their architecture showed great levels of skill. They built beautifully crafted and well-refined buildings for lots of different things. For example, the Baths were a place for relaxation and social interaction. There was even a heating system used to provide warmth and relaxation. They also used their architecture for religious reasons. The Romans were very religious people and prayed to their God’s constantly for their guidance and help. For this they built their God’s temples. They sculpted and made everything themselves so that their Gods would be proud. There were also buildings for entertainment, like the Coliseum and the Theatre. The Coliseum was one of the Romans biggest achievements. It was 157 feet, built tier by tier and could hold up to 87,000 spectators and was water tight so that the Romans could re-enact sea battles that they had won....
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