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How Canada Gained from Becoming Independent from Great Britain

By kchebry Apr 08, 2013 653 Words
Today, Canada is a free, independent country home to many different Canadians of all nationalities and is know for being one of the most multicultural countries in the world[i]. What Canadians did to contribute to WWI, for themselves in the Halibut Treaty, and how they handled the Chanak Crisis all lead to Canada becoming a country and a truly independent nation from Great Britain from the years 1914-1928.

Canada contributed excessively in WWI providing troops, ammunition, food, supplies, and much more[ii]. After the war, especially after bravely winning Vimy Ridge, Canada gained a reputation for being tough and hard working. It was only after the war that Canada was finally recognized for being a country of their own instead of another colony of Great Britain. Canada earned a seat in the League of Nations along with other strong, already independent countries like Russia and France. This helped show Canada was capable of becoming its own country and to be more independent from Great Britain. This was a helpful step towards Canada becoming a more independent nation from Great Britain.

In 1922 the Turkish government decided they wanted their land back and threatened to attack the British and troops stationed near Chanak[iii]. David Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister asked Canada to supply troops if war was to break out between Britain and Turkey[iv]. Prime Minister Mackenzie King was annoyed the telegram was public before he had a chance to read it and insisted that instead of sending troops right away like Britain would normally expect he would take it up with the Canadian Parliament. In truth the affair had nothing to do with Canada. King sent a telegram to Britain saying that Britain could no longer take Canadian soldiers for granted. The affair was resolved before parliament had the chance to vote but Canada took another step towards being a country of its own.[v]

Canada and the U.S.A wanted to negotiate a fishing treaty on the Pacific North West. This issue had nothing to do with Great Britain but the British government wanted their ambassador to sign the treaty for Canada.[vi] Mackenzie King refused and the treaty was approved by parliament, then sent to Britain to be stamped and Canada made it clear and proved that they were more than capable of negotiating for themselves.

How Canada contributed in WWI, how we handled the Chanak Crisis, and what was done to take care of the Halibut Treaty all lead to Canada becoming a successful independent nation and to separate from being part of Great Britain. In 1982 the Canada Act was passed allowing Canada to officially cut all ties with Britain and become an independent country, finally being able to make their own decisions without a Britain having a say.[vii] Canada has progressed over the years and is currently declared in the top 10 of best countries in which to be born in.[viii]

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