How can schools play a role in producing well-rounded individuals ?
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How can schools play a role in producing well-rounded individuals ?

Schools play an important role in imparting knowledge and producing individuals with high moral and ethical values who contribute to our country's development.
However, there have been accusations that Asian schools are not churning out well-rounded individuals. The main culprit they say is the education system which is heavily exam oriented and although students excel academically, they are not good in sports or extra curricular activities. even straight As students are considered only paper smart lacking common knowledge or even skills-based knowledge. Thus, schools play a vital role in ensuring its products are not only academically well qualified but also confident, intelligent and have multiple skills.

The most important step schools should take with the cooperation of the Education Ministry is to place less emphasis on scholarly achievements and examination grads. Currently, due to heavy stress on examination results, many, if not all, student study to excel academically rather than have a balanced approach to studies. they study had and attend tuition classes so that they are able to get straight As in all the subjects. This leaves them little time to indulge in extra-curricular activities or sports. Thus, a markedly different way of grading and assessing students should be adopted like in the West. In order to produce well rounded individuals, grades should be given for assignments, extra curricular activities as well as involvement in sports. Ideally, only 50% of marks should be allocated for examination and the rest for participation in non-academic activities. This would produce students with a innovative, intelligent and creative personality as progression in school would not be based solely on examinations.

In addition, a system should be introduced to make it compulsory for students to volunteer with community-based organizations such as orphanages, centers for the

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