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How Can HISCIP Benefit Me

By nique22 Jan 16, 2013 493 Words
Erin Johnson

How can you benefit from HISCIP? And why you want to participate in HISCIP?

I can benefit from HISCIP in many different aspects, each aspect of equal importance. The first way I can benefit from HISCIP is definitely experience. By having this rewarding opportunity of being a part of HISCIP, The familiarity I will gain will show me what prospect I will have to live up to and give me a deeper understanding of what to expect from the college lifestyle. This knowledge and awareness will be especially aiding to me and what I will take with me when I do go to college. Another aspect that HISCIP will benefit me in is to give me a sense of accomplishment, a reassurance that all that I have worked hard for hasn’t gone unnoticed. Not only will this give me a sense of accomplishment it will also give my family a sense of accomplishment, relief and the satisfaction to say that they raised me right on the principle and foundation of one thing and one thing only, getting a education. A chance like this is only given once in a lifetime and I feel truly blessed to receive such an opportunity that could possibly shape my future. Although it is not guaranteed that I will in fact be part of such an exalted program, I still consider myself a winner because I was rewarded the mere opportunity. Not only will HISCIP give me a sense of accomplishment and experience it will also and most importantly give me knowledge. “There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning.” Christopher Morley. Knowledge is unlimited you can never know too much and you can never know too little and being part of the HISCIP program is definitely a learning experience.

This opportunity will benefit me in giving me a better understanding of the principles and foundation of psychology and aid me in becoming a renowned psychologist in the future or at the least as a career goal. The reason I would like to participate in the HISCIP program is because I know that this opportunity is a very defining moment in my life and this opportunity is not just given to anyone. The HISCIP program is very promising for an aspiring student like me. I will take all of the things that I learn, if given the chance, with me to college and this experience will continue to aid me for the rest of my life. I also want to be part of the HISCIP program because it will assist me when looking into and going off to college and make me a more advantageous applicant to the colleges I apply to. I am truly honored to be given the opportunity to even attempt at being a part of such a prestigious program and if given this chance will use it to the best of my ability.

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