How Can Events Contribute to Destination Image Enhancement?

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The image of a country or destination is vital to the growth of the nation. By using the right forms of efforts, the destination can be greatly enhanced. Countries used their forte to attract tourists to visit them. While countries with breath-taking scenes, unique cultures or wonders of the world attract their own lovers, others create their very own “scenes” which are called, events. An event is something that happens in a place and time. A successful event not only benefit in terms of profits, it also enhanced the image of the particular location. In this paper, some successful events will be looked at, telling us how these events sculpt the image of the destination and how they have helped to enhance the image of those destinations. Anuga, Cologne, Germany

During World War Two, much of the city of Cologne was destroyed, by the end of the war, only 40,000 people were still living in the city. In 1947, the city was rebuilt, keeping the face of the post-war Cologne. Cologne is also the fourth largest city in Germany and one of the most travelled destination in Europe. Each year, Koelnmesse host more than 50 international trade fairs, attracting two million people. Amongst them are Anuga; the largest food show in the world and Cologne Carnival; known as the "fifth" season for the locals. In 2011, Anuga 2011 attracted 6596 companies from over 100 countries with a take up rate of 284,000 square meters of space. 86% of which were foreign exhibitors and over 155,000 trade visitors attended the show. Cologne had to accommodate to the influx of visitors each year. Infrastructure was built around the cultural landscape of Cologne to do just that. It is also a one of the most important traffic hub with all high-speed trains stopping there. Accommodations were abundance to house the millions who travel to Cologne for the trade fairs and there was no lack of restaurants and shopping. However, McCannell (1973) questioned the authenticity of what are...
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