“How Can Companies in the Oil & Gas Industry in Azerbaijan Improve Their Process of Recruiting and Selecting Their Potential Employees.”

Topics: Human resource management, Recruitment, Employment Pages: 6 (1956 words) Published: May 18, 2012
In order to be more specific and focused, this study will focus on how companies in oil & gas industry recruit and select their workforce. The question this study will attempt to answer is “how can companies in the oil & gas industry in Azerbaijan improve their process of recruiting and selecting their potential employees.” The OIL&GAS industry seems to be stuck in the past concerning their recruitment and selection processes and therefore this research would be helpful to the industry. The author has held the need to carry out a research that would lead to a change in the way they use recruitment. Secondly, although there is considerable research already done about recruitment and selection, very little has been done about the use in the Oil & Gas industry. The findings will play a pivotal role in informing the change in the organization’s ways of dealing with recruitment and selection (Dominique & Henry, 1983). Finally, for personal knowledge and the enhancement of the author’s worth in the organization the author is currently working for and all the future endeavors that the author will engage in considering the fact that research falls within the author’s area of expertise.

1.0 Introduction
Selection and recruitment have remained critical factors that organizations use to drive their operations because they identify the best staff and map their requirements for continued developments. Human resources managements in organizations therefore utilize this initial stage of getting their staff in defining their institutions level of operations, enriching their cultures and creating a sense of high productivity which drives both workers and their leaders towards continued innovativeness and creativity. The process of selection and recruitment has however not been an easy one for most organizations due to a myriad of factors that operate both internally and externally too. This dissertation digs deep into the oil and gas industry of Azerbaijan to establish their recruitment and selection mechanisms, the difficulties they continue to face and the relationship they have in the industry performance. The first chapter explores the problem and the status of oil and gas industry in Azerbaijan. Besides, the chapter draws the key objectives of the study that guides the researcher in subsequent chapters. Chapter two digs deeper into the concepts of selection and recruitment and particularly refers to key theories and models that help in understanding the situation. Chapter three reflects the methodology that the researcher will use to gather information while chapter four outlines the results of the study. The study finally draws discussions and conclusions in chapters five and six respectively. 1.1 Research overview

Oil and gas industry remains the heart of Azerbaijan because it is the greatest driving force of the country’s economy. As a result, it is critical that the industry operates more effectively to drive the economy and put the country at par with others in the region and globally too. Most importantly, the industry has been performing poorly due to lack of effective personnel and ineffective internal working environment. To agree with Marianne and Rita (1996), this can be addressed by adopting an effective recruitment and selection process that brings aboard highly qualified and committed staff. This study will therefore give the industry a chance to understand their shortcomings as well as methods that can be used to address such issues.

Internationally, setting up a highly effective and vibrant oil and gas industry in Azerbaijan will be very critical by easing the global shortages and maintaining high stability. By underscoring the current practices that are used by oil and gas companies in Azerbaijan and their shortcomings, proposed new models will be very critical in addressing the same shortcomings. With Azerbaijan having some of the largest oil and gas deposits as Vassiliou (2009)...
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