How Can Cnn Implement Their Strategies in a Fast Changing Environment?

Topics: Strategic management, Organization, Strategic planning / Pages: 4 (977 words) / Published: Jan 26th, 2012
Problem statement: How can CNN implement their strategies in a fast changing environment?
Learning goals:

1. What are the steps of strategic implementation and what is the importance
Implementation is the process that turns strategies and plans into actions in order to accomplish strategic objectives and goals. Implementing your strategic plan is as important as your strategy itself. * Formulation and effective communication of vision and values * Formulation and effective communication of mission * Generation of enthusiasm and buy-in at all levels * Commitment to projects and business results that will fulfill on the mission * Design of organizational architecture that allows for empowerment and communication * Creation of tactics and short-term goals at the local level * Effective Action in a context of accountability
(Gurowitz) (G. R. Jones; C.W.L. hill , 2010) 2. What is organizational design (culture, structure and control) and apply on CNN. What is the role of organizational design in strategic implementation?
Strategy implementation involves the use of organizational design, the process of deciding how a company should create, use, and combine organizational structure, control systems and culture to pursue a business model successfully.

Organizational structure
Assigning employees to specific value creation tasks and roles and specifies how these tasks and roles are be linked together in a way that increases efficiency, quality, innovation and responsiveness to customers.
The purpose of organizational structure is to coordinate and integrate the efforts of all employees at all business level in the organization design.

First CNN has to motivate employees to create value to the customers. And they have to work with efficiency, quality, innovation and responsiveness. When the structure is good. They can create value at the customers.

Control system
The purpose of a control system is to provide managers

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