How Bullying Affects an Individual

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Psychological abuse Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Bullying is one of the problems that everyday people deal with. People are affected by bullying at work, school, and even at the safety of their home. There are many different ways to bully someone in different situations. Many people can change positively and negatively due to the way they are treated by their close ones and peers. It can lead to depression, and eventually suicidal tendencies. As these progresses, bullying can affect a person emotionally, physically, and mentally. Making victims feel inferior and little is an invisible goal that a bully tries to achieve. They unintentionally try to make their victim emotionally frustrated within themselves. This tactic often generates a feeling of emotions towards that victim. In an article written by Helen Phillips, people who are bullied reveal a high level of stress, are sensitive to violence, and enter an unhealthy coping skill. She states that females are more likely to react with emotional aggressiveness while males keep their emotions bottled up and turn to alcohol to escape their situation (“Effects of Bullying Worse for Teens”). Phillips states that bullying has a long-lasting effect on an adolescent emotionally that will influence them to act strongly against how they were before. In addition to the school environment, work place bullying can also affect how a person acts towards themselves and others emotionally. Ashley Womble of Cosmopolitan Magazine writes that bullying at work can affect a person’s mood and their sleep. In addition, she advises to try and be friendly towards the bully and to have a support group of friends or work colleagues by your side (“How to Handle a Bully at Work”). In encouraging words, Womble opines to ignore the bully and to busy yourself with hobbies that are enjoyable. In occasional situations, bullying can also affect a person physically. Putting up with bullying can be a physical challenge. In a school environment, students often have to deal with the physical abuse...
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