How Books Are Printed

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The history of book manufacturing
Stories have been part of human history from the beginning. They were passed on from mother to daughter, father to son and were recorded on cave walls. The ancient Mesopotamians carved their histories on stone tablets and the ancient Egyptians wrote down there stories on papyrus using hieroglyphics which were first used in 3200 BC. This new method of gathering information was introduced to the Greeks in 650 BC. Book printing using woodblock printing was invented in asia around 1618 BC during the T’ang Dynasty in china.and the earliest dated example of this technique is diamond sutra which was printed as early as 868 CE . diamond sutra is a book on Buddhism that was printed in china. the printing press was invented in 1436 by a german man named JOHANNES GUTENBURG.the printing press changed the life of people all over europe and eventually the world. before gutenburg all text was hand written,mostly for the hand writing text was time consuming mistakes were often made.think of the game telephone children play by the time the message got to the end it barley resembled the original texts.The invention of the printing pressed changed religion,science and the arts by making it more available to the masses as it no longer had to be hand written.while Lawrence kosher of haarlem argued that he not Gutenburg invented the printing press most historians believe that Johannes did in fact invent it.after the printing press there many other milestone up to and including modern printers.some examples of these inventions are the bed-and-platen press, Columbian press, cylinder press, rotary press, Bullock press, linotype machine, and monotype machine.

“what gunpowder has done for war, the printing press has done for the mind” Wendell Phillips

The first book printed using this amazing new invention was the Gutenburg bible.some of the original gutenburg bibles are still in existence and can be found at...
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