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How Bilbo in the hobbit influences the story

By arithestarfish Sep 21, 2013 551 Words

How Bilbo Influences The Story

In the book, “The Hobbit”, by J.R.R. Tolkien, there are many ways the author shows how the character, Bilbo, influences the story. Bilbo is very clever and intelligent. He always saves the dwarves from trouble. His risk-taking personality helped him become one of the most important characters in the story.Bilbo’s intelligence shows in Chapter 5 when he wins the battle between him and Gollum. Bilbo’s intelligence helped him win the battle and it also helped him guide the dwarves throughout the journey without Gandalf. Without Bilbo’s intelligence, he would not be sure of what to do and how to solve his problems. You can see this when Gollum says, “Curse the Baggins! It’s gone! What has it got in its pocketses? Oh we guess, my precious. He’s found it, yes he must have.” And then he later says, “When he came this way last, when we twisted that nasty young squeaker.” These quotes show that Bilbo obtained the ring because of his intelligence and cleverness. Gollum is upset because he lost his precious ring. This is just one way how Bilbo influences the story. In Chapter 9, Bilbo’s cleverness is shown. Bilbo, yet again, saves the dwarves from trouble. In a short amount of time, Bilbo came up with a plan to rescue his friends from the woodelves. Without his cleverness, he wouldn’t have saved his friends and the story would be different because they wouldn’t have gone to Lake Town. You can see this when the author says, “When he heard this Bilbo was all in a flutter, for he saw that luck was with him and he had a chance at once to try his desperate plan.” And then later says, “They had escaped the dungeons, and were through the wood.” These quotes show how Bilbo was desperate to try out his plan and at the end, it turned out to be really successful. Bilbo could not have thought of this plan without his cleverness, if it weren’t for that, he would’ve never saved the dwarves. Lastly, In Chapter 12, Bilbo’s risk-taking personality shines. Bilbo sneaks into Smaug’s lair with his invisible ring on. Hobbits are not the type that would go on a adventure, and they’re definitely not the type that would do such dangerous and harmful events. But in this chapter, Bilbo shows he isn’t that type of hobbit. You can see this when the author says, “Wisps of vapour floated up and past him and he began to sweat.” And then he later says, “His heart was beating and a more fevered shaking was in his legs then when he was going down, but still clutched the cup and his chief thought was: I’ve done it! This will show them.” These quotes show that, even though Bilbo was terrified of what was going on, he had to ignore the feeling of being terrified and had the courage to take the cup. Bilbo’s character influenced the story in a lot of different ways. If he hadn’t gone to the adventure with the dwarves and If it weren’t for what he has accomplished, like getting the cup, the story would have had a different ending.

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