How Bigger Thomas’s Fear Impacted Himself and Other

Topics: Black people, White people, Richard Wright Pages: 4 (1548 words) Published: August 14, 2011
How Bigger Thomas’s fear impacted himself and other

Fear is so unique and personalized to one self yet it is one common trait between all individuals. When I think of fear, I think of my future. I fear bringing shame to my family; I fear my superiors repudiating my resume to a college, I fear not achieving my goals, I fear for my parents not able to provide, not because they don’t want to but because they are unable to. I fear the future because it is unknown. To go through something where I don’t know the next step is to, leave my world, my connections to people and depend on only myself and ideas. Ideas like faith, hope, destiny and love. My heart pressured and heavy; the stability removed from my body leaving trembling hand and legs, acute hearing and sight because everything is paradox in my mind, is me in the presence of fear (naked and vulnerable). These emotions that I personally experience is similar to how people feel faced in extreme immoral situation, like the holocaust or the segregation of blacks and whites. During these extreme times fear is ubiquitous and is at its climax. The fear within over powers the mind and impairs the individual judgment. It clouds one’s mind and vision from the big picture and pin points to only now, and how to survive for the moment. Native Son by Richard Wright explores the impact of fear at its climax during the segregation of blacks and whites from the perspective of Bigger Thomas. In this book Richard Wright dedicates 1 of the 3 section exclusively to fear and portrays it throughout the book. Richard Wright, in Native Son demonstrates fear from Bigger’s view to show how fear of unfamiliar things cause chaos to himself and the people around him. Fear of the white world for Bigger not only played with his mind but caused physical damage and saliently harmed his view on society. Bigger Thomas was born into a world where he didn't have a lot to live for as a result of unequal share of power and civil rights between...
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